Paul is writing to a group of people who, like all of us, have religious, gender and social identities. And he argues none of that matters. All the labels, the divisions, the identities and classes are irrelevant, for all are in Christ. Which means, there is only one. There absolutely is NO them, there is only us. Whether Jew or Gentile, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, far or near, liberal or conservative, male or female. It does not matter … in Christ, we are one.


What if we focused on questions that did not divide, but came together around the table? What if we asked, “Can we agree on Christ’s broken body and blood shed for the reconciliation and healing of the world?” “Can we agree on our need for the reconciliation and peace of Christ?” The answer, of course, is yes. We all need these things. And, in Christ, all the divisions cease.

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