Scripture: Genesis 12.1-4

God makes a promise to Abram, but this promise comes with risk and responsibility. First, the call for Abram to “Go” - this is risky. No one in his day would dream of leaving their country, their people and their father’s household.” To do this would be to betray the family and the tribe. In this time, you stayed. In staying you devoted yourself to the tribe; ensuring its prosperity, fortune and protection. To go was to be out on your own, and would have been seen as a betrayal of the family and the tribe.

But this call to go was not for Abram alone, and it was not just for his family or his tribe alone. The call was an election to responsibility - he, and his offspring, were to go and bless all people. This is the earliest record we have of anyone being invited to be trans-tribal. To transcend the interest of their kin and consider the interest of others. This early call is what informed Jesus and his followers - those who understood the future was beyond tribe.

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